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Thoughtful Engineering

attention to detail, clever thinking

It’s the careful, brilliant thinking and planning our engineers put into designing Elevate that makes it special. The entire solution has been built to be versatile, to create memorable experiences and to have the highest uptime in the industry. Introduce your brand to this disruptive innovation!

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Freedom to be

Automated Retail Sales

The Elevate frame has been designed to allow you to add endless materials, panels and even change the shape of the exterior cost effectively to meet your unique aesthetics/brand requirements.

rendering of catapult vending machine removable panels
merchandising display of ties in catapult vending machine

High Brand
& Luxury Retail

accentuate your products

Design obsessed, we raised the bar with Elevate. We focused on every little detail from lighting to speed, so your product is elegantly dispensed. All eyes are on the product gliding gently as if being delivered on a luxurious platter. No belts, no motors, no cables … nothing to detract focus from your products. The Elevate Automated store is the answer when every detail matters.

Innovation Meets

Your Sales & Promotion Tools

Elevate’s innovative tray system can dispense everything from tiny products such as stamps, to larger products such as headphones. Odd shaped items such as teddy bears, tennis balls and even ties can be elegantly dispensed without any special packaging. Find out how your products will be dispensed in Elevate.

merchandising photograph of jewel corner automated retail machine

Ingenious Features

ROI Return On Innovation

After learning from managing several hundred units in the field, we tasked our engineers to be resourceful and find solutions to the labour intensive and annoying issues that plague automated retail operators … why settle for the norm? From easy to change shelving and lanes for planogram changes, fail-safe merchandising to interchangeable panels and hidden shelving to avoid stock-outs.

Elevate is bound to have a direct impact on reducing operational costs. Find out about the many ingenious features our engineers built into this unit.


AI & Machine Learning

Advanced AI and Machine learning, Facial Recognition, Crowd Analysis, Voice Control & more

Any Size, Any Shape

Ability to dispense products of any size or shape. From A Single postage stamp to Large heavy consumer electronics.

No Belts, No Motors

Patented gravity based dispensing technology, provides reliable & delicate delivery of products.


Industry leading uptime guarantee, clients expect the best & Signifi Solutions provides it.

Real-time Dashboard

Get visibility of your entire network from our web-based dashboard. Identify usage trends, customer behavior, product turn-over and other views that help you make good decisions.

Advanced Merchandising

Easy, fail safe merchandising. Heights and lanes can be changed on the fly in minutes for planogram changes. Never a need for special packaging, even when you have odd shaped products.

Demand Forcasting

Forecast the future and be ready for any eventuality with detailed industry leading sales forecasting.

Content Management

Control and manage every aspect of your automated retail kisok with state of the art content management through simple UI.

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Coupons & Promos

Allow simple coupons or run complex sales promotion integrated with social media online sales.

Real-time Pricing

Update pricing quickly and easily in real-time over a network of automated retail kiosks with just a few clicks.

Traffic Monitoring

Using advanced AI techniques and machine learning technology monitor every aspect of traffic in your retail kiosks vicinity.


Industry leading analytics provides details on everything from sales to merchandising.

Digital Signage

Display video & motion graphics in passive advertising mode or controlled by face recognition and crowd analysis to draw people in.

Socialmedia Integration

Harness the power of social media, integrated marketing campaigns, promos, coupons and more.

A/B Testing

Built in tools for A/B testing with a multitude of options and abilities to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Surveys, Suggestion Box

Want to know exactly what your customers think? Surveys and suggestion box are a great way to communicate directly with your valued customers.

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Powerful Solution


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Our Leadership


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