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Signifi worked with Sharaf DG to create a custom solution to improve efficiency and customer service at their retail stores. This automated retail stock room served many purposes; In the past, the employee would have to go to the back-storage room to collect the item while the customer waited. Now this entire process is automated, no more searching for items, instead the client and the sales person watch as the automated system gently and quickly dispenses the product based on the item number. The assets are now completely tracked in a theft proof unit, sales people no longer have to waste time and the client enjoys a special and unique experience as they see their product brought to them almost magically.

Another added benefit was that customers can now prominently see the large variety of stock the electronic superstore carried. In the past Laptops and boxes where scattered throughout the store and in the back room. Signifi’s automated stock dispensing system is used to dispense everything from large 17” notebooks, cameras, tablets and mobile phones. Sharaf DG continues to roll out units throughout their stores in the middle east.


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