Automated Retail

A retail presence uncluttered by your competitors
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New and Non-Traditional Distribution Channels

Expand your reach

From airports and shopping malls to universities, campuses, hospitals and more, automated retail kiosks have the flexibility to offer shoppers their preferred brands and products at practically any location. Accessible 24/7/365 they offer exceptional convenience. Additionally, kiosks offer the option to link to one or several websites which facilitates ‘endless aisle’ shopping for greater profitability and faster ROI. The product and brand presentations will always be consistent and operating costs low.

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Inspire, Educate and Connect Directly With Your Customers.

Eliminate the middleman

Automated retail provides brands the unique opportunity to control their customer’s entire shopping experience. Introduce new products get instant feedback, connect through social media, even speak to your clients face to face through a touch interface. Take control from product placement through to the customers entire purchasing journey…
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Access New Markets for Expansion and Distribution

Know your customers

Retailers can reach new demographics and add “automated” store locations quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. This disruptive self serve store allows retailers to test new products, new demographics and potential locations with little risk. The units can be relocated with minimum costs, the shelving can be changed easily to handle product and planograms changes, even the user interfaces and functionality can be completely changed to meet new requirements.

Connecting the Retail and E-Commerce

the automated pop up store

We all understand that brands need to build better relationships with their customers, that Omni channel is key, that customer require consistency and convenience .. a seamless and easy shopping experience. Automated vending is disruptive, it is the evolution of the pop-up-shop. It is innovative, it empowers the customer, it allows retailers to connect to their customers… we believe it is the glue that that connects the on-line and retail shopping.

Sample and Sell

get instant feedback

The power of digital signage integrated with the ability to deliver products opens up unique marketing opportunities for agencies and retailers alike. Instantly understand how your advertising is impacting sales. Integrate surveys within every customer transaction, give away samples, get feedback … the opportunities are endless. Our solutions include innovative ways to collect data such as gender, age, buying behaviour … everything to help you understand how to serve your customer better.

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Logos of companies using Signifi Solutions Inc. automated retail products.
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Canada Post

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Pricless Surprises


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Powerful Solution


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Since Signifis’ inception in 2007, we have designed & engineered solutions to deliver choice, convenience and simplicity through an engaging experience.


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We innovate Asset management, automated retail and Loss prevention solutions. Our ambition is quite simply to be the most inspiring and innovative Automated dispensing company on the planet.