Asset Management

Streamline inventory & increase convenience

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Manage your I.T. Assets

Improve employee productivity

Control every aspect of your I.T. assets based on roles and employee rights. Know the location of each item, when it was dispensed and, in certain instances, when it is due back. Create a better relationship between I.T. departments and employees by providing timely access to products, including 24/7 automated returns of faulty products.

Time Tracking

Know where, when and length of time assets are released.


Return & Collect assets for service though our smart locker system.

Flexible Tracking

Products can be dispensed Via HID & employee badges.

Laptop Provisioning & Loaning

it helpdesk reinvented

With a simple swipe of the badge, employees can drop off their laptop into a secure locker equipped with an internet connection and power and IT can remotely troubleshoot and update saving time and costs. In order to keep productivity high, loaner or new laptops can be fully staged and charged ready for employee use keeping productivity high. Back-end software reconciles the transactions with your Enterprise Ticketing Platform. Lockers are robust, modular and can be fully branded to suite the look and feel of your environment.

laptop computer in lockerbox
laptop computer in lockerbox

Reverse logistics

Place items for repairs

Adding a Smart locker to any of our automated retail solutions allows I.T. departments to dispense as well as take back assets for return or repairs. When employees place assets into the smart locker for repair, I.T. staff will be notified with all the details. When the repair is complete, the asset is returned to the locker and the employee automatically gets notified. Learn how to improve your I.T. processes

Popular Asset Management Combinations
control vending machine with companion combinations, control unit with companion combo solution
control vending machine with companion and smart locker solution
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Managing Hospital entertainment assets

Hospital movies and games

Hospitals struggle to keep track of movies and games handed out to patients. Signifi’s DVD and game management platform allows patients to borrow movies and games using patient wrist bands, RFID or bar code based cards. Staff can check the web based back-end for outstanding discs every time a patient is discharged. Learn how you can empower your patients while protecting your entertainment assets.

Set limits

Maximum number of discs per patient

Anytime, Anywhere

Allow patients to borrow & return 24/7

Flexible tracking

Borrow using patient wristbands, RFID, barcode

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Place Your Stock Strategically

Increase Employee productivity

Placing machines strategically throughout corporate campus will not only reduce store room inventory but increase convenience and reduce the labor associated with tracking items. Allow employees to pick up.

Library Disc management

24/7 outdoor availability, borrow and return anywhere

Libraries can save precious space and time with our innovative disk dispensing and tracking system. Signifi’s solutions uses RFID tags to track DVD and Games. Track who borrowed each disk, when it was returned and even notify library members when their discs are overdue. The solutions allow the ability to pick up from one unit and return to a unit in another location unit. The outdoor ready solution allows 24/7 access. The extensive back-end is flexible and can be easily integrated into your library system.

dvd machine in library

Better decisions making

better data

Whether tracking electronics or construction items, the improvement in tracking and materials management will allow the managers to make better strategic, while freeing them up to better manager daily activities.

Modular and Integrated

Maximum flexibility

Our hardware solutions are modular and can be integrated together based on the functionality required and products being dispenses. From basic dispensing to tracing through RFID to handing returns, we have a range of solutions to meet your needs. Our staff can help you choose the right products for your asset management needs.

Serialized inventory

Track from erp to final dispense

This capability is unique to Signifi’s automated dispensing systems and is especially useful when integrated with ERP systems. It completes the loop from the moment a product leaves the stock room, to when the product is dispensed from the unit.

A unique feature in our solution is the ability to allow variance in pricing. This is especially useful when every product in a particular lane has a different value. For instance, products like cheese that are sold with different weights or certain parts where each item in the lane has a different price.

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