Committed to your success

We help you drive positive results and R.O.I. over the lifetime of your solution. we genuinely care.


We believe in the future of Automated Retail. We invest in cool innovation to create emotional engagement and maximize your sales.


There is always a better way to empower our retailers and brand partners through technology. It’s our job to innovate and re-invent retail.


Our management, our staff, our customers are diverse. The combined knowledge and views from these cross-cultural backgrounds inspire us to be creative.

Executive Team

diverse, experienced, strategic

Our team is diverse and well experienced, a powerhouse that can unlock opportunities for clients by combining the right strategy and solution at the right time.


exclusive strategic relationship

CEUTA GROUP and Signifi Solutions Inc. have forged an exclusive strategic relationship to take Automated retail to market. The Ceuta Group has worldwide reach with presence in more than 100 countries.

Signifi staff working out of the UK offices are well integrated with Ceuta Group resources. From brand support to merchandising and logistics, Ceuta Group brings global reach and scalability to the relationship. Ceuta Group has a strong foundation in healthcare, as well as food and drink, FMCG and retail.

Committed To Your Success

We approach every challenge holistically. With best-in-class robotic technology, deep software expertise and a strong retail understanding, our goal is to transform your business and build your brand. When you combine our strengths with our passion for Automated Retail, you will find in us a great partner that is committed to your success.

Shamira Jaffer

Founder & President
Shamira is a spirited entrepreneur. An early champion of self-serve retail, she has been a leader and innovator in the Automated retail industry for over a decade.

Shamira inherited her strong entrepreneurial spirit and interest in international business through her family. These influences are at the core of Shamira’s drive as a successful innovator as seen in the strength of the profitable organizations she has built through the years. As the CEO of Signifi, she has built a team that is pushing the boundaries of Automated Retail .. taking retail technology to the future with her visionary view of the use of robotics and automation.

David Dickson

SVP, Finance and Project Management
The fundamentals of well grounded business principles along with a healthy dose of passion and perseverance, drive David to formulate win-win solutions as a financial and project management leader.

His background of performance management spans 14 years with industry titans such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Pepsi and produced an in-depth understanding of corporate, retail and B2B environments. From empirical analysis through insightful strategy and smart implementation to revenue building and cost management, David’s influence and leadership make an integral impact on Signifi's success.

Gino Tomaro

VP, Strategic Sales
Over 18 years of experience in retail and a degree in architectural technology.

Gino's unique background allows him to bring insight to conceive the best possible solutions for customers. His strength ensures that every Retail solution developed seamlessly integrates within the clients retail environment. His goal is to make the products stand out while creating customer intrigue. As a core member of the Signifi management team, his passion for innovation, his attention to detail and his understanding of retail design and user experience are key to his contribution to Signifi's solutions.

Linda Martin

VP, Marketing
Linda has over 20 year experience in CPG marketing leading a diverse group of brands for Fortune 500 companies.

She has taught Global Marketing at the MBA level at Laurier University and currently heads up the Global Institute of Marketing Professionals in Canada. In her role at Signifi, Linda is responsibility for stewardship of the Signifi brand, client acquisition as well as overall strategy development for the company.

Joey Fleming

Chief architect & Director of development
Joey has a deep understanding of web-based architecture to object oriented and aspect oriented methodologies and deep experience in building large scale solutions.

His career started 15 years ago when he built complex call center and digital signage solutions. As a key partner at Signifi, Joey manages the team that has designed and built Signifi's enterprise platform being used across thousands of retail locations. His deep understanding of software architecture, enterprise solutions and low level software has allowed him to innovate and create solutions that keep Signifi's software solutions at the forefront of the industry.

Razvan Anghelidi

Director of Technology Razvan's IT career spans two decades and two continents.

Upon completing his BSc in Romania, he undertook progressively challenging assignments in software development, systems programming and network administration. After moving to Canada, he led a team of internal and outsourced QA specialists at a system integrator and software development company.

Razvan has been a significant force with Signifi working closely with the Sales and Development teams as a Business Analyst, then lead the software QA team, and now supervises the QA, deployment and customer service teams.

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Priceless Surprises


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Our Leadership


Our management is diverse and well experienced, a powerhouse that can unlock massive opportunities for clients by combining the right strategy and solution at the right time.



we automated retail

With over 12 years of experience, Signifi has designed and engineered solutions allowing retailers to deliver choice, convenience and simplicity through an engaging self-serve experience. We have had the privilege of working with prominent retailers and brands around the world across all time zones.



Automated Retail

Our vision is to develop solutions that solve today's retail challenges, transcend consumer expectations and inspire tomorrow's possibilities. Our ambition is quite simply to be the most inspiring and innovative Automated Retail company on the planet. We innovate and shape the way customers shop. We help brands connect with their customers