Alone or in a group; Modular Smart Locker System

Intelligent locker systems

Sleek Design, Modular and Highly flexible

Modular and Innovative, Our electronic locker hardware Systems are especially smart because of the power and flexibility our software Platform adds to them. Whether for asset management or Click and Collect, learn more about our smart lockers.

Motorized modules offer the ability to promote products like tools & electronics in a unique way.

Console & Showcase

deployment and management

The core of each and every terminal is the console. It consists of large touchscreen, receipt and label printers, scanners, payment systems and other optional accessories. The console is not needed if the electronic locker systems are attached to our Automated retail units.

Reverse logistics

Place items for repairs

Adding a Smart locker to any of our automated retail solutions allows I.T. departments to dispense as well as take back assets for return or repairs. When employees place assets into the smart locker for repair, I.T. staff will be notified with all the details. When the repair is complete, the asset is returned to the locker and the employee automatically gets notified. Learn how to improve your I.T. processes

laptop computer in lockerbox

ADA Compliant

Signifi’s Smart Locker Control system is ADA compliant for American with Disabilities Act.

Real-time Dashboard

Get visibility of your entire network from our web-based Locker management dashboard.

RFID technology

Tracks inventory across your network.

Online Reservation

Custom online reserve and pickup for click and collect.


End to End management services both field and phone support.

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